Cocktail dresses is my favorite dress this time. Reason? You can also find other wine named after the skirt? Nothing more and intoxicating cocktail dress skirt clothing seamless. There are few fancy dress money can cut, length, social needs and characteristics of the times all together.

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When Cocktail (Cocktails) specifically refers to mixed alcoholic drinks popular in social circles in the early 20th century, this word is not with the "soft official" only in a cocktail dress party wearing something to do. Until 1947, after the end of World War II, the face of the paucity of material and spiritual, people have a yearning for luxury living.

To the mid-20th century, gradually evolving into low-cut cocktail dress fitting, spaghetti straps around the back of the neck over the neck tie style. Young girls like to wear elastic taffeta, satin cross, in the summer will be hard to wear cotton cloth.

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To the late 50′s, cocktail dress began to shape the development of a round balloon, then pop out and then also cover a jacket. 60′s "cocktail dress" set off the first burst started the trend, although this time the style was considered too conservative. Fortunately, the 80s, cocktail dress fashion thunder wave back, casual sportswear, and elegant evening wear in the middle played a balancing role. To this period, the "cocktail dress" really means has been transferred to the material and style it up, finally got out to define the length dress with a skirt section of the constraints. The sexy cocktail dresses is still on the texture and style are paramount.